Sunday, September 20, 2009

You see, I forgot it was my blog's birthday

Yesterday was my blog's birthday. I landed in America exactly one year ago on September 19, 2008. One year has passed and I have had such wonderful experience that not so many Iranians can have. I have learned so many things in this country. I want to thank everyone who has helped me through out this way and who has tought me something. I'm just happy and I feel I'm older as much as one year. Actually in this one year, I've learned things more than a regular single year. Living all alone by myself in a country far away from my homeland, among people with a different culture than mine, making many friends from all around the world, studying full time and working at the same time, all have been amazing and great.

Still there are several more years for me to go to reach my goals. I hope I will keep posting photos and things about myself wherever I will be in next years. At least I know, I will be in Portland for one more year but after that who knows. Hopefully, things will work out well and I will get into UC Berkeley. If this happens, then I will start my Berkeley Daily Photos and that would keep me busy for four more years. After that, I really don't know what I will be doing. My plan is looking for an academic job somewhere in the world, in Iran, Europe, Australia or in the US. There is still a long way to go.

By the way, happy birthday Portland Daily Photos! Thank you all for visiting, commenting and supporting. The above photo has been taken by one of my friends, Keivan, while he was visiting the city of Yazd, Iran. The photo shows inside of a traditional type of houses in desert regions of Iran.


Amir Sharifi said...

Happy birthday Portland Daily Photos, And good job Meead

Dina said...

Congratulations Portland Daily Photos and good wishes for the coming new year!
It's amazing that you manage to blog so well, with all the things you have to do.
The picture is beautiful and symbolic of the portal you have entered into a new life.
I moved to my new country, alone, not knowing a soul here, when I was your age. So I can appreciate what you have done for a successful absorption. Great to be able to follow your progress from Day One.
UC Berkeley, really?! I can see it now: in the future we will address you as Professor.
Good luck and keep on learning from everyone, just as we learn from you.

hossein said...

man ham yek sale shodane vebloget ro tabrik khoobi ma ro ke tooye iran hastim dar hale o havaye omoore roozmarreye khodet dar portland gharar midi.enshallah ke betooni edame bedi.
omidvaram pelle pelle mofaghiatha ro kasb koni ve be hadafi ke baraye khodet tarsim kardi nazdik beshi.

Carolina John said...

congratulations dude! and thanks for sharing your views of portland. I truly hope the city has been as receptive to you and the culture you bring/add to Portland as you have been to it. Keep taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Keep the good work up!
Have a cheerful coming year here.

Mahdi said...

Dude, Keep the good work up!
Have a cheerful coming year here.

USelaine said...

We have a saying for someone with great prospects: the world is your oyster!

You have worked so hard, and met so many heart-wrenching changes with tremendous grace and courage. I hope all the gifts of your spirit come back to you ten times over.

Petrea said...

Meead, congratulations on an amazing year. You've been both student and teacher this year--not to mention reporter and activist. You have much to be proud of.

My father got his BA, Masters and PhD at Berkeley. I think it's a terrific place and anyone would be proud to have a degree (or two or three) from there.

So good luck to you in the upcoming year(s). Dude.