Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy "Eide Fetr"

Eide Fetr (in Farsi) or Eid ul-Fitr (in Arabic) is a long day feast that marks the end of Ramadan. In the culture of Iran, Eid is a highly personal event. Charity is important in this day. Visiting the elderly and gathering with families and friends is also very common. Typically, each family gives food to those in need in this day. I've heard this year the amount of money that each person should donate is calculated to be $1.5. Let's assume half of the population of Iran (total population is 70 million) pay their donations. So at the end of the day, $52.5 million will be collected for charity.

Zolbia & Bamieh


Dina said...

A happy and blessed Eide Fetr to you.

The giving sounds like a nice way of caring for others.

Pretty food in the picture. Will you be having some?

Gunn White said...

That made me hungry.:-)
Looks nice, and it was interesting to read about the Iranian tradition.

Anonymous said...

do yyou fast?

USelaine said...

That food looks perfectly delectable! Your charity tradition sounds similar to the secular tradition here on Thanksgiving. We often contribute to food charities at a time when we enjoy our biggest feast.