Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Rosh Hashana!

I would like to warmly congratulate Rosh Hashana, the new year, to my Jewish friends, specially Dina. I wish you a good year. May peace and love prevail on Earth.

According to Dina, "pomegranates are traditionally eaten for the first time at the Rosh Hashana table." We used to have a pomegranate tree in our garden back in Iran. "Anaar" is the Persian equivalent of pomegranate in English. Dina, how do you say pomegranate in Hebrew? We have the same tradition of eating pomegranate in Yalda night, one of our biggest feasts in Iran.
I took this photo from Flickr by searching Anaar to give you a bowl of Iranian pomegranate. Happy Rosh Hashana!



B SQUARED said...

May the peace that transcends all understanding be with you, my friend.

Laurie said...

What a lovely post. I saw pomegranates growing at one of my favorite gardens yesterday and I thought of Rosh Hashana.

Dina said...

Oh what a sweet post! Thank you, M.
Amen amen to your new year wishes for peace.
And happy Eide Fetr to you.

Ets rimon is a pomegranate tree.
One fruit from it is a rimon and two are rimonim.
You miss your tree, I'm sure.