Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good looking grandmoms

I was visiting the Rose Garden a few weeks ago when I saw two "good looking" old ladies. This is always amazing to me that some people, even when they are old, care much about how they look like and they try to wear as nice as possible. In our culture back home, wearing nice clothes is not that important specially when you are old. Of course young people wherever in the world care but not always old people. This is another good lesson from America for me. If you look good, you make other people around seeing you by chance feel good and happy. I hope I will care about this when I get old.


hossein said...

salam meead jan
albate dar farhange eslami kheyli be shik pushi va tamiz o morattab boodan sefaresh mishe.vali koo amal konandeye be in dasturate nab?

J.C. said...

I feel that we should continue to take care of our look even when we grow old. We gotta make ourselves feel good. Great to see such good-looking women on the street of Portland.