Saturday, September 12, 2009

My mom is leaving today :(

I think I was sad last night that I wrote such a long post. I may remove some parts of it. Today my mom is leaving back and I don't feel very good. It is as hard as when I was leaving to the US. Ah, I don't like "goodbye"s.


Anonymous said...

Good bye's are always hard, specially from people you care about. Despite that they will always be there for you in your mind, it is not the same to being close to them physically.

Anonymous said...

salam meead jan
chetori?madaret oomad portland khosh gozasht? ma ham minoonim biaym oonja?che joori mishe oomad?

hossein said...

enshallah khoda sabr bede betooni doorish ro tahammol koni.

Dina said...

Parting is sad, there is no getting around that. No words will help right now. I do know how you feel.