Sunday, August 23, 2009

Timberline Lodge & Mount Hood

Mount Hood

Timberline Lodge
(I took this photo in June 2009. It was much colder that day)

We were lucky that my mom's visit coincided with a Mount Hood trip held by the PSU international students office. It was a wonderful trip. Twenty or more PSU students, I and my mom got into two vans and headed to the Timberline Lodge for a hike to the top of Oregon's tallest mountain, Mount Hood. It was a very steep hike about one and a half mile. At first, everyone was worried if my mom can make it. We were told we can come back wherever we thought that's enough but mom amazingly made it. We all were almost on the top of Oregon's tallest mountain. The first photo in the bottom shows the parking lot of the Timberline Lodge where we parked the vans and started the hike. You can see the Mount Hood. There were still some snow on the mountain in the middle of summer. I took the second photo when we were in the middle of the hike. You can see the lift and the Trillium Lake along with a beautiful view of the Cascade Range. I can't believe we were on top of the mountain which I always looked at it from my window every clear morning when I was living in the dorm. See this post.

Mount Hood from the Timberline Lodge parking area

A view of the Cascade Range from the Mount Hood


Dina said...

Wow, it must be wonderful to have your own mountain.
Yay Mom!

Chuck Pefley said...

Wow, not much snow left there ... only the glaciers. I photographed Trillium lake from a similar vantage point when camping there several years ago.