Sunday, August 9, 2009

Portland Bridge Pedal 2009

""Perfectly Portland" is what The Oregonian called Providence Bridge Pedal. This annual tradition is a community celebration of Portland, the Willamette River bridges and bicycling. It is your one opportunity each year to bicycle across Portland’s bridges from the Sellwood to the St. Johns, including the top decks of the Marquam and Fremont bridges."

It was a nice ride and a long one as well. We rode about 38 miles in 4 hours. We visited 8 of the bridges:
  • Hawthorne
  • Ross Island
  • Marquam (the third photo)
  • Burnside
  • Broadway
  • Fremont (the second photo)
  • St. Johns (the first photo)
  • Broadway
Marquam bridge, which is the highest bridge in Portland, is actually part of the I-5 freeway. It was interesting that they closed an interstate freeway for this event for like 2 hours. The last photo was taken when I was on the Marquam bridge. A pretty view of Portland.


Dina said...

Wow, what an event. Great that you could participate. The photos are really beautiful.

Vagabonde said...

Will you be ready to tackle the Tour de France next year? Or at least the Tour of California? I am a fan of the Tour!