Friday, August 14, 2009

The Holocaust Memorial of Oregon

If you remember, I had posted some photos of the Holocaust Memorial of Oregon a couple of months ago. A few days ago, I and mom went to visit the memorial. She didn't know much about the Holocaust. She had just heard about it but she didn't know when and where it happened. I told her about the world war and the general story of the Holocaust and Jews immigration to Palestine during and after the world war. "The Holocaust is rarely mentioned in state media in Iran, school textbooks don't discuss it and Iranians have little information about it." I remember two years ago, the state TV had an amazing series titled "Zero Degree Turn" which was "clearly sympathetic to the Jews' plight during World War II." Click on the above link to read the article if you're interested. You may also like to have a look at this blog post written by a student in Portland from Saudi Arabia which is about answering four questions about Israel.


Petrea said...

These are lovely photos of a sad memorial.

Babooshka said...

These are so moving. The violin alone jumped out in the portal, but with the other images and your words, so poignant.

USelaine said...

There is an enormous amount of scholarship and literature about the Holocaust, and it's refreshing and informative to see an Arab writer who tries to understand this part of history in a calm way, and framed by issues important to Arabs.

I think the book most often read by Americans is called "Night" by Elie Wiesel. Many of us read it as part of our high school education, so it may help (if you ever have time) to read it to understand how we have been introduced to the story of the WWII events.

Thank you for showing us this part of Portland, and what you think about it. You have a great soul, Meead.

Dina said...

Thanks for this important post, photos, and links.
Another link that may be helpful is Yad Vashem's rather new website in Farsi:

The son teaching the mother, and about this painful subject--that is something special.