Saturday, August 1, 2009

Iranian Festival

Today there was an Iranian Festival in Portland. It was good and happy. I made some Iranian friends, had some Iranian food and enjoyed listening to some Iranian music and seeing Iranian dance. It was all Iranian today. The first photo shows just a sign of the festival. The second photo shows Persian drawings of a traditional Persian girl and the third photo shows some Baghlava (Baklava.) Baklava is more known as a Turkish pastry. However we have our own Baklava in Iran too. Before coming to the US, I didn't know that Turkish and Arabs also have Baklava. By the way, it's so sweet and yummy!


Vagabonde said...

Your post made me smile. When I was a little girl my mum and I went to Turkey to get my grandmother (my dad’s mother) to come back with us to Paris. We stayed 4 months and I still remember eating the Armenian baklava (also tcheureg and kadeif) and drinking Armenian coffee. I was surprised later on when I heard that Baklava was Lebanese and the coffee Turkish! I guess it’s just what you are used to and many cultures in the middle east have the same cuisine. This festival must bring you much happiness – I wish I could go to a French festival, but I have not heard of any – I mean with French people, because there are many French festivals but they celebrate French art, like Monet in museums, or music, etc. only.

Dina said...

Great that you had an Iranian Festival right there in Portland!
Enjoy your new friends.

Nice drawings.
We love baklava too. Sticky sweet.

Thanks for your links in my comments. I'll go read them soon.
Thought of you the minute I saw Shushan Street. So far we found Coresh and Shushan Streets; I wonder what next.