Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seattle in Portland Daily Photos

November 6th, 2008
We took the train from Portland to Seattle. It was a rainy night when we arrived this lovely city. We took a bus to the University Motel. Jimmy Johns was the restaurant where we ate our first dinner in Seattle. The next place where we visited was University of Washington campus. How enjoyable was walking in UW's old and beautiful campus in a rainy night. We came back to our motel and had a good sleep.

November 7th, 2008
We waked up soon in the morning to go to the conference and in summary we had: breakfast, speakers, presenations, lunch, posters, again presenations, giving awards, visiting StarLab of UW and happy hour in Ram restaurant in University Village. The most interesting part of the conference was that I won a 200$ prize for having the best presentation. It was the first conference and the first presentation I had in the US. I also met Kim :) She gave a us a tour around Seattle.

November 8th, 2008
Again we waked up soon in the morning to go out and visit the Space Needle and Market place. It was a beautiful sunny day. Can you believe? A sunny day in November in Seattle? Do I really bring the Iran's sun to anywhere I go? It seems true! At the end, we took the train to come back home: Portland.

Such a small world it is! It's hard to believe that the former blogger of Mashhad Daily Photo, a city in the north eastern of Iran, near the Afghanistan and Turkmenistan border, and the currnt blogger of Portland Daily Photo has met two other bloggers, Lynette in Portland and Kim in Seattle. Who will be next one? Elaine?

Seattle through my eyes:
1. Heavy rain
2. Very long crowded buses
3. Jimmy Johns restaurant (we don't have it in Portland)
4. University of Washington: Beautiful old big campus
5. 200$ award for having the best presentation
6. Lovely Kim (Seattle Daily Photo)
7. Amazing Space Needle
8. Interesting Pike's Market Place (do you know what the "flying fish" is?)
9. Beautiful downtown
10. Seattle Central Library: different architecture


USelaine said...

How wonderful that you won the presentation prize!!! Can you tell us the topic, or do you prefer not to tell?

I'm so glad you met Kim. I want to meet her some day too. And of course, I want to meet YOU as well! If you come down to northern California - San Francisco, Sacramento, Berkeley - I will try to meet you there. I don't think there will be any transportation conferences in Willits any time soon. 8^)

Cheers to you Meead!

Dina said...

Best presentation!? Wowee, you are starting your academic life in America in a big way! We are all proud of you.
I grew up in America but never saw the Northwest. So glad you are making the effort and taking the opportunity to get out and get to know the country.
Lucky Kim who could host you.
Thanks for the good report. We look forward to reading more of them.

Becky said...

Wow, great shot of Seattle, Meead! I love this view, and you captured it well.

Yes, I do know what the flying fish is at Pike's Place Market...I love it! (The smell I could do without, however...)

Glad you enjoyed yourself; hope you continue to do so, and continue to do well in your academic life - $200?!? Well done!!!

Kim said...

Hey, what a GREAT night shot that turned out to be. Guess that big "tripod" worked well :-). So nice to see you all. There will be a few photos of you three on my Flickr page soon (there is a link in the sidebar of SDP), but I'm sorry to say some were blurred. Hope you had a restful day today and ready to jump back into your work tomorrow.
Seattle Daily Photo

Sara said...

Great Meead!We really proud of you broth!
Say my Hi to Kim and our other friends if you visit them in future!
By the way,Amir Samad said his special regards to you,today morning.