Monday, October 20, 2008

Japanese Garden II, Water Fountain

See this Japanese style water fountain. How cute it is.

Thank you all for your kind comments: Elain, Laurie, Hope and others. I expected this feeling and it needs time to relieve, as Elaine said. I'm trying to keep myself as happay as possible but sometimes when I remember my home, I can't control my feelings and my tears drop. I should remind myself, why I am here and how hard it was to came here. Keep going Meead! Your parents will proud of you.


Dina said...

Oh dear Meead, it is hard to miss home and family. It is good you have a good family and home to miss. Tears are necessary.
I was your age when I left all my family and friends in America and moved to a country I had never seen before, where I knew no one.

If you can find a way to embrace your homesickness and keep going. . .
I hope you have a good friend or two. Alone is too hard.
Your blogger aunts and friends, we keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Be patient, please!

Danial said...

Oh Dear meead, It's beautiful view in garden.

Hope said...

I'm sure your parents are already very much proud of you...and when you graduate they will be even more so. Your new friends will help bring you happiness and your studies will keep you busy. My thoughts are with you.

Also...your photos of the Japanese garden are just beautiful! I can sense the peacefulness that resides there.

Jana said...

Hang in there! I am positive your family is very proud and they miss you too. Time willk fly by if you can keep yourself busy.

Very pretty photo!