Friday, September 19, 2008

University Place

Portland State University Hotel: Here is where I stay for the first night in Portland.
Hello United States, Hello Portland!


USelaine said...

Greetings Meead! You made it safely!

Sleep well, dear man.

Sara N said...

Safar bekheyr ;)
Montazere aksaye bishtari hastam
felan esterahat kon

Danial said...

Hi,your pic is good.

Dina said...

Yay, you made it to America! And dutifully started blogging the same day! Good for you, Meead.
We are anxious to hear your first impressions.
Sara is doing a wonderful job with the Mashhad blog.
Have a good life!

Laurie said...

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I send warm thoughts up the Pacific coastline toward your new home away from home.

I'm really looking forward to sharing your adventures in Portland. You already have a lot of friends in the United States!

avtcoach said...

I found your home site a last month when I started blogging. I was very intrigued and love the whole concept of sharing your country and your city. I logged on today to find of your travels to US. I know you will have a grand adventure! All blessings to you in this journey. I will be posting about your Iran site so people who read mine will visit yours! My best wishes to Sara for continuing your legacy! (Oklahoma, US)

Abid said...

Welcome to the United States!
Enjoy your time here :)

What are you studying?

Petrea said...

Hello, Meead!

Dan said...

Welcome to the U.S. Meead! Glad you made it safely and hope you settle in quickly.

jill said...

Hi Meead. My blog time has been restricted by a work project so I'm a little behind.

Welcome to the US!