Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday Market

Saturday Market is hold every saturday at South Park Blocks in PSU. I found it interesting and good place to buy fruites and vegetables.

Guys, thanks so much because of your kind notes and welcoming comments. Unfortunately as the classes and working in the LAB begin, I'm afraid I couldn't find enough time to reguraly visit your blogs and make some comments. I will try to do it at least once a week.


Hope said...

looks like a nice market to explore...I like the image of the people walking in all different directions.

Danial said...

Too look like wednesday market in sari.

USelaine said...

Meead, please don't worry about visiting all the rest of us! You have many more important tasks to do, and we just enjoy seeing what you are able to put on your blog. When I lived in Hungary, I slept more hours at night than I did at home. They say it is typical when you live in a new culture and are surrounded by a new language, even if you studied it before. Your brain is working harder just to absorb all the little customs that are new and unexpected.

If you want to take a break from your blog once in a while, please do not feel guilty. Your studies are important. (I am now your Aunt Elaine!)


Petrea said...

Don't worry about visiting, Meead. We all know you're busy. I can't visit every day, either. But it's fun to come by every few days and catch up. I'm glad to see you're having fun and meeting so many people.