Friday, September 26, 2008

College of Engineering Orientation

The first week in the US passed quickly and I know that the rest will pass quickly as well. I'm going to get used to live here.
Yesterday was the College of Engineering orientation. We had lots of orientations in the past week. I think they have worked well and I am now completely orientated ;)

Thank you all my friends for your visits and comments. Your support make me feel that I have some old frineds (from the April 2008) here in this country.


Dina said...

Ha, I saw Maseeh and almost read it as Mashhad.
Balloons and all (although sort of engineering-type colors [hey, my daughter is one, so I can say that]).
Yep, the weeks and years will pass all too quickly, as you say. Enjoy every day.

Danial said...

it's good. in iran the university is beginning too.

Laurie said...

I'm so glad things are going well, Meead! Hey, you DO have a lot of friends here! :-)

Hope said...

Meead, I have enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your photos. It's nice to see the US through your eyes. I plan on visiting your blog again. Good luck with your studies!

USelaine said...

You have inspired me to find local dancing events to photograph. 8^) I'm so glad you are happy to be here.

babooshka said...

One week already. I hope it's all that you imagined and more. Nce choice of photo for your first week.