Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mittleman Jewish Community Center

This is a Jewish Community Center in Portland. Maybe Dina can help me to understand those hebrew writings. One day I'll like to go inside and check this place out. Here is a link to their website


Dina said...

Hi Meead. At first I thought that building with its strange shape was something out of ancient Persia!

OK, the second photo says Ahavat achim, meaning brotherly love.

The last photo: The first two words of each of the Ten Commandments. For the full text in both languages see

All those little signs on the doors don't look very welcoming.
Hey, maybe you could find a nice Reform or Conservative synagogue and go once to Friday evening or Sat. morning prayer service!

Dina said...

Interesting to find this at your link

On August 4 they will show a film. They write:
"When writer and actor Majid Shokor escaped from Iraq he discovered a hidden history - that many songs all Iraqis love to sing were written and performed by Iraqi Jews. His discovery sparks an extraordinary journey through many lands. This is the story of Majid's search for the source of the songs he loves and the performers who still sing and play these songs today. It shows how culture transcends borders and builds bridges between people of all faiths."

Wish I could go. And you?

pdxima said...

This is not the Mittleman Jewish Community Center or any other JCC - it is a synagogue in Portland. you can find info on the actual community center by googling Mittleman Jewish Community Center Portland.