Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is a sign I found in a corner of our engineering building. TEnsion, COmpression, TOrsion, and SHear are the main forces in engineering. Isn't it cool?



Don and Krise said...

Very cool indeed. We learn something every day don't we?

Dina said...

Haha, it sounds like the name of an Indian chief.
I'll send it on to my engineer daughter.

Dina said...

Hey Meead, does the plaque belong to something? Like a statue? If so, can you get a picture of it? Thanks.

Dina said...

Hey, did you change your banner? I just noticed the new "flavor". Nice!

Thanks for the link. You know, I think that bridge-like metal art outside your building could be the Tecotosh. The Google god of all Knowing told me so. :)

tapirgal said...

Sounds Native American.