Thursday, March 5, 2009

Persian Rugs, Ali Sharifi

Ali Sharifi Rugs, Inc., direct importer of authentic hand made Persian rugs individually selected by Ali Sharifi, carries the full spectrum of Persian rugs from the traditional classics treasured for generations to premier quality, contemporary, handspun Fars wool, vegetal dyed genuine Persian Gabbeh.

What is Persian Gabbeh?

The word “Gabbeh” means “unclipped” in Luri, an ethnic group of Iran which has resided in Southwest Iran for centuries. Historically, these rugs, used domestically for flooring and bedding, were coarsely woven of long pile and of very heavy construction. Introduced to Western markets within the past two decades, these designs offer simple elegance by sparingly incorporating traditional design motifs from various tribal groups in the region, utilizing the lustrous and iridescent wool that the Fars region is justly famous for, and dyeing with only vegetal dyes. Some pieces have natural undyed wool integrated into the design as well, an extra touch found in genuine Persian Gabbeh.

Ali Sharifi Rugs, 1011 SW Washington Portland OR 97205


Dina said...

This is really interesting, Meead, and the rugs are beautiful. Hope you had a good talk with the owner.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I have seven persian rugs I inherited from a grand aunt. I think they might have been woven in the 20's. I keep one on display in my living room but it's getting rather thread bare at this point. They are works of art.I believe the one I spoke of is persian. It has floral imagery in it.

Anonymous said...

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