Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ondine Residence Hall

Built in 1966, a 15-story high-rise with furnished double- and single occupancy studios and bachelor units, this building has it all. Spectacular views of Mt. Hood and downtown, Internet access, cable and telephone-ready rooms.

Ondine features single- and double-occupancy rooms and suites, a television lounge, pool table, conference and meeting space, laundry room and parking.

The studios (found only on floors 3-6) offer a private bath; the bachelors share bathroom and kitchen facilities with an adjoining apartment. All Ondine units are 20' by 11'. Bachelor rooms share a common bathroom and kitchen with the adjoining room. Rooms are assigned to like genders only. Amenities include laundry facilities, range/oven, small refrigerator, bed, desk, closet and parking for an additional fee.

Here is where I live, the Ondine residence hall.


Katney said...

It's where my son lived when he was at PSU.

USelaine said...

It sounds like good housing for grad students. I hope you are comfortable there.

Brenna said...

Wow! I haven't even thought about that place since the 80's. I had a lot of student friends who lived there. I hope they are taking better care of it now than they were then.