Friday, October 9, 2009

"Fall"ing for Iran

Fall with its astonishing colors reminds me the beauty of Iran in fall. Viewing photos of Iran in flickr gives me a nostalgic feeling. I like to name this post "Falling for Iran."

بیا جهان را سرریز از شادی کنیم
Vakil Abad Park, Mashhad, Iran

Autumn Colors under the Blue Sky, Tehran, Persia
Tehran, Iran

Fall, Niavaran Park, Tehran, Iran
Niavaran Park, Tehran, Iran


Dina said...

Yep, I see how you would miss home with autumn colors like these.
That first shot is great.

B SQUARED said...

Beautiful color. There is 'no place like home'...

Petrea said...

It would be hard to stay away from home for so long, especially such a beautiful home. You're doing a good job, Meead.

Antjas said...

Thank you for sharing these. I never stopped to think about fall in Iran and the trees changing color.