Monday, April 6, 2009

Please Spare a Buck Change

"Down on my luck. Please spare a buck change"

What if the economic crisis and rate of unemployment remains bad for 30 years in a society and so many sanctions are imposed to them? What if all their banks are blocked to work internationally and no foreign investor is allowed to invest money in their country? What if their region is unstable and "life is uncertain" due to regional and international threats and wars around? What if some bad politicians keep the power for many years? What if even nobody is allowed to sell them a civilian airplane? What if their top universities are under scientific sanctions? But people still love their homeland, still remain hopeful and try to survive. Then I would call that place 'IRAN'.

If I had a chance to meet Obama, I would tell him that by imposing all these economic pressures on Iran you will never get rid of the current leaders (or change their mind) but only make ordinary people suffer alot. I'm worried about my future and my family. We've had a revolution and a 8-years war in the past 30 years. Aren't they enough to make people tired and overwhelmed? There must be a better way to change.

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