Monday, February 16, 2009

Mr. Happy

In Loving Memory of Ronald D. Killough (does any one know who he is?)

Mr. Happy
Jeff Whyman, Sculpture Installed 2008


Sara said...

I do not know, Who is he?!
Happy Sepandar Mazgan to you Meead!
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Virginia said...

Mr. Happy made me smile!

Dina said...

Meead, I hope you can be a Mr. Happy.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Drama instructor

Anonymous said...

He was married to Heather and was the father of Tony Killough. I believe he was a resident of Lake Oswego, OR.
He was the 8th of 9 siblings. I believe he was a stock investor.

Anonymous said...

Ron was an amazing man. He richly impacted the lives of his family and friends. All that knew him felt that they were his favorite. He was full of care and compasion for the people in his life. (still and always missed) He did live in LO. He was a business owner and he did invest in the stock market.