Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mt. Hood & Mt. Damavand

This mountain really reminds me the Mount Damavand in Iran. It's a good feeling. You can't believe how lovely the Mt. Damavand is among Iranians.

Mt. Damavand, Tehran, Iran

Damavand is, as any cursory reading of Persian literature will indicate, the Mount Olympus of Persian mythology. Damavand is the symbol of Iranian resistance against foreign rule in Persian poetry and literature. In Zoroastrian texts and mythology, the three-headed dragon Aži Dahāka was chained within Mount Damāvand, there to remain until the end of the world. The famous poem Damavand by Mohammad Taqi Bahar is one of the finest examples of the mountain's place in Persian literature:
Oh white demon with feet in chains
Oh terrestrial dome, Oh Mount Damavand


Gresham Photo Blog said...

I can see my house from there! HEHE!

babooshka said...

They are so spookily alike.

USelaine said...

It's a lovely comparison, and I hope it is some comfort to you. You and Sara's Mashhad blog open up my world to how much we all share on this Earth.

Lynette said...

Hooray for coincidence, Meead! Our photos connect us in a cosmic, other-worldly way, don't they?

I am glad that Mt. Hood appeals to your as it does and reminds you of your beloved homeland and the beautiful Mt. Damavand.

Dina said...

Now you have not one but two beautiful mountains.